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Experimental sites

The large scale climate change experiments are located in vulnerable shrubland ecosystems representative for Europe at sites in Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, United Kingdom and Denmark.

The sites:

  • represent continental, Atlantic and Mediterranean shrublands and span a natural gradient in mean annual temperature from c. 8°C in the North to c. 16°C in the South (Table 1).
  • span a gradient in water input from 500 mm to 1700 mm with four of the sites limited by water
  • span a gradient in atmospheric nitrogen deposition, which is believed to interact strongly with climate factors.
  • represent different types of vulnerable shrubland ecosystems relevant for Europe, some of which are hosting endangered species (Table 2).
  • in DK, NL and UK was established in 1998 and the sites in HU and IT in 2001. In 2004 the site Brandbjerg, DK was established.
  • For information on previous research and data gathered at the sites see the available metadatabase.